loreina chew
Hi there, I'm Loreina. 👋I'm a fourth-year student studying computer science at McGill University in Montreal.

Currently, I'm a product manager at Weav, a ridesharing app that matches students sharing rides between cities. At school, I'm development lead and former co-director of McHacks, and VP Communications of GameDev McGill.

Previously, I was a product designer at Krypto, working on blockchain data visualization, analytics, and solutions.

I'm interested in many things: architecture, front-end wizardry, game development, and user experience design. I love building new projects and exploring technology that makes our lives easier. ✨

I'm learning how to be a great product developer – unpacking complex challenges to find effective, impactful solutions.


McHacks website
Designed the UI/UX of the McHacks static website using HTML, CSS, JS.

A Webpack 4 static starter boilerplate for web development with live server reloading, SASS/ES6 transpilation, style linting, and file minification.

JavaScript 30
A 30-day challenge to improve JS skills with no compilers, frameworks, libraries, or boilerplates.

Habitat 67: A Federation in Parts
My architectural history research paper selected by a professor for the McGill eScholarship. Published in the official McGill University repository.

My creative project submission for the Parsons School of Design undergraduate program.

Project Play
An overview of my design work at Project Play.